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    Evolve Yourself With Angela 


    Is your soul on a journey and seeking for answers?

    Do you yearn for clarity and guidance?

    Do you wonder why you are brought into particular situations over and over again?

    Why you have met certain people? Why some souls have shown up in your life’s experience?

    Are you confused about your life’s purpose? Do you want to feel like jumping for joy every day?


    Let me put your mind at ease, the answers are all there, they all lie within you.

    I help you to find your way, and I mean YOUR way. There is no such thing as a formula which can be applied to every soul.

    Everyone has to find their own path and deal with their own blockages. Often the root cause for these blockages lie in previous life times and the Akashic Records are a fantastic tool to get the relevant information, so you can release the unnecessary and live your full potential NOW.

    Letting go of unhelpful patterns we create space for new. These times can make one feel uncertain, as we are about to leave our old skin and get ready to move into something bigger and better. I hold this sacred space for you, so you can focus on creating this delicious new life you are supposed to live.

    The benefit of having me as your coach is that I don’t have a personal agenda other than you achieving your goals.

    What I am saying is that I don’t judge you. No matter where you come from and where you are heading towards.

    This is your journey! Your decisions! Your life!


    Law of Attraction Coach, Akashic Records Consultant, Smoke free coach, published author, energyworker, jewelry designer and textile artist, mother of three boys.

    From an early age I had moments of ‘knowing’ which was not developed until I embraced my gifts consciously. It doesn’t cease to amaze me how the Universe orchestrates everything and allows me to be at the right time at the right place so I can meet the right people. Everything in my life was important, even the years when I felt there wasn’t much going on.

    Being bilingual in German and English I offer consultations in both languages. Usually I connect with my clients via Skype (voice only) or Phone. I am very grateful for technology as it allows me to live in my spiritual home New Zealand while offering my service worldwide.


     Please contact me here for more information.